Managed Print Services (MPS) is the outsourcing of the management and continual optimization of your document output fleet and related business processes. In short, it’s a way of re-focusing attention on your core business. Leaving print related activities in the hands of Canon, your trusted experts.


  • - Need to deliver long-term savings,
  • - Need to change printing habits; reduce overall print volumes
  • - Need to rationalize your suppliers to a single supplier
  • - Need to improve endpoint print security
  • - May not have the time, staff or expertise to effectively manage your print related activity.

Print costs can be as much as 3% of revenue but you can save up to 30% of these costs with effectively managed print services.

Print frequently costs more than it needs:

  • - Print is uncontrolled
  • - Inefficient print infrastructure
  • - High indirect/hidden cost
  • - Fleet is not actively managed

By entering into partnership with UE you have one less thing to worry about the optimal way to print. So you keep on reducing costs and improving productivity even when your business changes.

  • - 40% reduction in IT support costs for print, copy, fax, scan, and user issues
  • - 52% reduction in print-related Help Desk calls
  • - 25% reduction in costs for consumables
  • - 20% reduction in costs for print, copy, fax, scan repairs
  • - 10% reduction in costs to install, upgrade, print, copy, fax, and scan devices
  • - 5% reduction in print, copy, fax, scan equipment costs