uniFLOW allows users to print securely from wherever they are working. Users can print from their desktop PCs, from a host based system such as SAP or from their mobile phone and, thanks to the uniFLOW multiple identity system, all their jobs will be held securely in their own personal print queue. To release a print job, the user can authenticate at their chosen printer by using their normal company ID proximity card or smart card. Guest users can release their jobs by entering a unique code on the MFD screen.

uniFLOW is designed to save you time and money by providing effective controls over your entire print and multi-function printer (MFP) fleet. The uniFLOW solution can be built from several different components depending on your needs.

uniFLOW fits perfectly with any size organisation. It is available in different versions based on the number of users who use the system. Its web-based architecture allows the software to be run throughout multiple buildings, locations or sites.

The core functionality of uniFLOW can be supplemented by various additional modules. Each module provides exciting new features to the system that allow the benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business.

For more information about uniFLOW please visit www.nt-ware.com