Mr. Hassan Al-Hakeem / President

Driven by the passion whose roots reside in personally inherited experience, we at UE are determined to make a diference. With advancement of telecommunication, computers, and the internet, the world is rapidly shrinking, yet the international markets remain a personal contact business where relationships fuel transactions. It is the belief in this concept which made UE a preferred partner for many local and regional companies.

We at UE understand that an organization’s business is a crucial asset that is likely to have a major impact on its financial performance. Over the past four decades we have blended the best traditions of customer service with an innovative edge that encourages continuous thinking of how best to improve products supply and services to maintain an edge. This emphasis on performance and customer satisfaction is the key success of UE.

As a printing and imaging solutions provider, UE is characterized by the highest standards, smooth progress, and constant growth and innovation.

These qualities all stem from the business values we inherited from UE’s founder Haj Sabri Hakeem; great values which are based on extensive cooperation, supreme service, and a win-win partnership with our clients. Future oriented business value, a strong sense of quality, long industry and market experience, innovative technology, and superior expertise have made UE a reliable long-term partner of many well known companies in Jordan. With our persistent pursuit of quality and credibility, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, and hope to continue to develop with our clients and partners, and create more value to our future businesses.

Here I would like to send my hearty thanks and gratitude to all of our clients, partners and UE staff, who have devoted the great strength of their efforts to the growth of UE. Sincerely yours,